Why We Call it Vactionland!

Why We Call it Vacationland

Sceanic Maine

With more than 6,000 lakes and ponds, 5,000 streams, over 30 state parks and almost 3,500 miles of coastline, it's no wonder Maine is known as "Vacationland" (it's even on our license plates!)  


Over 80% of Maine - that's about 17 million acres - remains forested with a beautiful mix of white pine, hemlock, spruce, fir and a variety of hardwoods.  


Between the breeze coming off the ocean and the naturally air purifying nature of trees, it not only looks good here, it smells good too!

End of the season

Our 2014 season came to a close on 10/29 as we put the "Cow" to bed for the winter. We'll miss all our wonderful customers but look forward to seeing everyone in the spring as we celebrate our 75th year! Don't forget that you can shop online throughout the year.

Our prizewinner for November 2014

The prizewinner for November 2014 is Stephanie from Pittsburgh, PA. We'll be sending Stephanie our new Parade of Deer balsam pillow. Congrats! 

Our prizewinners are chosen at random from our email list... next month could be YOUR turn!

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